Saturday, March 19, 2011

cool club

I think I can officially join the "cool club" for one simple and quite obvious reason. I am the queen of head nods. This isn't a talent i was born with,but after much practice i have developed quite a knack for it and unlike many of my other talents (aka being able to touch my nose with my tongue) i can actually use this one on a daily basis. let us explore this greeting further.

  1. so much is said in such a little action- it's like saying, "i know you, but not on a personal, intimate level so instead of going out of my way to ask you a question i don't actually care to know the answer to i am just going to acknowledge you with this nod of the head." it's genius
  2. that cliche question "what's up" doesn't get asked. what is with that phrase anyway? i know that you don't care and more importantly, there is no good answer. obviously i'm not doing "nothing" but i don't really want to go into details about my life and i already know that you figure i am going to class considering it's 8 30 am and i am wearing my backpack. so, really, do you need to ask what's up?
  3. if the intended person doesn't notice you you don't end up looking like an idiot. it isn't a big enough action that people will point and laugh and yet it's big enough that the person will see it if they are looking
maybe someday i'll give you lessons and you can join the club.

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