Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chapter 19- The Chase

Dear (insert male name),
Here's the deal. I don't do the chasing. I won't text you first. I am not going to initiate the dates, wait for you to call, plan the study groups, or invite you over to get to know me better. I don't want to be another girl. I don't want to be another girl's number in your phone. I don't want to WANT to be the exception. I'm not going to work for this unless you are. I don't play this game.
I deserve a guy that wants to make just me smile. I deserve someone that looks forward to seeing me and puts me on the top of his list. I need a guy that has a mind of his own and doesn't tell me what he thinks I want to hear. I want to be surprised. I want to wake up to good morning texts that I never asked for. I am worth that. I'm worth a guy only thinking of me when we are together.
Don't tell me about other girls. Don't tell me how great that girl in your other class looked today, even if you weren't interested. I am not interested in hearing about your booty calls or how many girls you've kissed. Please spare me the details about what he did with the girl you spent time with after I went home. In case you were wondering, it doesn't make me feel special. I'm not jealous; I just don't care. If you want this, you make it happen. Maybe I'm selfish for wanting your sole attention, but I have heard boys talk about other girls and I know what it sounds like when someone is dedicated. You could try that if you wanted. I deserve to be someone's number one.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chapter 18- Sniffles

sore throat
man voice
back pain

First cold of the season.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Chapter 17- Lately

It's seems I've found myself a new hobby. His name is Lucas.


I actually have found my time being consumed by this- a fancy little website called Pinterest. Cute decor, adorable outfits, inspiring quotes, and tasty treats; it can't get any better.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I got yo' back

The dearest Camille Louise left her blog up... so!

I am going to tell you some of the main reasons I love her so much.

- She sleeps with me when I have a nightmare
- She gives excellent advise
- She is incredibly spiritual
- She is letting me come to her house for Thanksgiving
- She teaches me what it means to be Christ-like through her actions
- She is smart and studious
- God sent her to me.

Love, Rachel (

Chapter 16- She's the Man

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

This week Sister Dalton was the speaker at Devotional
and she gave some genius advice.
Young women-

"Stop competing with each other in a group for the attention of the available men in the room. Make yourself scarce. …When the text comes, don't go join them. Just text back and say, "Busy tonight." Wait until they call you and personally ask you to go on a date with them."

Sounds blasphemous right?
There is no way that could actually work.
Well, that's what 96 % percent of campus thought too.
I am here to stand as a witness that it works.

Today in my Changes in the Global Climate class,
a guy that had shared in rapturous laughter with me
sat by me.

We laughed.
We chatted.
We flirted.

He said, "We should hang out sometime.
I don't think I would stop laughing."

I said, "I don't hang out."

I was joking.
He wasn't.

He said, "Fine, then we should go on a date."

I laughed.
I blushed.
I was appalled.
It worked.
I have a date.

Thank you Sister Dalton.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chapter 15- I've been tagged

That's right, I have officially been selected to write seven random things about me for all the world to know. So, here are seven things that are completely absurd and maybe a little strange for your reading pleasure.
  1. I refuse to sleep under the covers at college because that would require me to make my bed before I go to school.
  2. I have an obsession with tweezing my eyebrows (and saying tweeze instead of pluck. I am not a chicken). I do it routinely every night before bed and I will do yours too for a nickle.
  3. I played with Barbies until I was twelve years old and sometimes when I was feeling really crazy I would play "naughty Barbies" and one of them would be pregnant and in high school and they would have crazy parties where they would drink caffeinated drinks instead of Root Beer! Heaven Forbid!
  4. I love writing letters to myself and leaving them in my journal only to be opened on a special and specific date or moment.
  5. The first boy I ever liked was Leonardo Di Caprio Titanic era. I remember watching that movie when I was probably six and I realized for the first time that guys were actually super cute. I still want to marry someone named Jack.
  6. Sometimes when people aren't looking I pretend that someone is filming my life so I try to put on a good show.
  7. I have an irrational fear of claymation. Wallace and Gromit gives me nightmares, I have to close my eyes in Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and if I have have to watch Chicken Run again I will cry.
There you have it ladies and gents and I am calling you out. Amberly, Melissa, Rachel, Joelle, Amanda, Zoey, and Bree and Lindsey get it done ladies. I am excited to see what you share!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 14- Thoughts from the week

I don't pretend to be philosophical, but the Spirit does amazing things.
  • If girl's would stop worrying so much about whether or not a guy liked them and would just love themselves unconditionally everything would work out. If they would cling to the knowledge that they are beloved daughters of God and that there is nothing in the world that matters more than that, every little petty worry and relatively insignificant concern would diminish. They would find love as they love themselves.

  • Dating is tricky. It is complex. Dating is fun, flirty, unnerving, awkward, delightful, disgusting. What dating really is, though, is overrated. In the end, it isn't going to matter who we went out with or how many boys we kissed. It just matters that we find that person that will love and cherish us into the eternities. Dating is but a small piece of the puzzle, yet it makes an everlasting difference.
  • These days we don't have the physical maladies that Christ healed during his ministry. We are being affected in our minds. Satan is capturing our minds. He would have us feel like we aren't good enough. He wants us believe we aren't talented enough or pretty enough or smart enough. We are. If he can get us to fall to depression and anxiety and feelings of anguish and inadequacy he can keep us from accomplishing the most important celestial goals of this life. He wants us to believe we arent' good enough mothers and friends and wives, girlfriends, or sisters. If he can make us succumb to that, maybe, just maybe he will keep us from entering the temple and being the mothers, wives, and sisters we were born to be. Our trials now affect our minds. Hospitals and medicine help heal physical afflictions, but only Christ can heal our mental, emotional, and spiritual infirmities. Know that you are not alone. You don't have to wallow in sorrow and immeasurable and unbelievable loneliness and strife. That's what the devil wants. Don't do it. Don't believe the old Liar. Christ understands. Christ knows, most importantly, Christ comforts and heals.