Sunday, May 29, 2011

I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?

The title of this post is completely irrelevant unless you take in the fact that it sometimes comes up in conversations, much like what I am about to delve into. I don't know what shift in the universe causes it, but there are moments in my life where I enter the realm of giddy girliness and I end up thinking pink is the cutest, Justin Bieber is like so totally adorable and OMG I would LUV for a boy to text me!!! ;) (take notice of the multiple exclamation points and smiley face. I hate that.)You may have noticed. It is so uncharacteristic for me to be dependant on another person for my personal happiness and yet here I sit silently praying that some hottie mchotpants from whoknowswhereland will shoot me a text. I know I am getting desperate when I don't care who it is. So help me.
I don't consider myself someone that clings hopelessly to the idea of Prince Charming and although Zac Efron makes me dizzy I fully understand that he is a product of Hollywood endorsement, I do admit that I do dream of a happily ever after with a special someone that is tall, dark, and handsome. My own life has been carefully sheltered from everything in relation with love. Maybe I am afraid of commitment, maybe I am afraid of BOYS. It's really not important. You see, I live vicariously through others and that is fine with me, but sometimes my dreams and reality cross dimensions and I find myself in a state of hopeless romance and longing for someone of the male variety. Someone grab the ice cream and chickflicks; this can't be good.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Never say Never

Kids, this really is getting ridiculous. I thought maybe it was just a fad, a passing blow of illness, but no, I think it might be a terminal disease. I have been infected with Beiber Fever and it's getting serious. Tonight I grabbed some frozen yogurt with a friend and then we rented Justin Bieber- Never Say Never. Let me just say I NEVER thought I would love him so much. It's borderline pedophile-ish. He is such a little cutey pants, though; I just want to squeeze him. He is a baby face times ten and I feel a strange affection for him. Check out the SNL skit featuring TINA FEY and J-Beebs if you haven't yet. I feel similarly. "I don't know if I should marry him or push him around the mall in a stroller."
On my behalf, you can't say he isn't ridiculously talented. I'm not talking Michael Jackson, I mean no need to get crazy here, but we might have the next Justin Timberlake, minus the bad haircut, on our hands. The guys at work assure me I will not be getting married anytime soon if I don't get over this fascination, but hey I'm not looking to get a ring on my finger anytime soon and I'm 18. I think a little celebrity crush is understandable. maybe.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happiness is...

freshly printed paper still warm from the machine...

the sound of raindrops on the roof...

seeing that boy that makes my heart giddy...

knowing that he knows that he makes my heart giddy...

not caring that he knows that I know that he knows that he makes my heart giddy...

a girl's night that consists of Despicable Me instead of the Notebook...

running around campus in the I-mazing Race and not being a student...

watching Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure...

taking two hour naps at seven at night...

getting new followers.

Monday, May 16, 2011

my sincerest regards,

After much thought, I have realized that my last post made me sound not only like I am prepubescent, but that I am a major pedophile. Here are the facts:
Justin Bieber is a fad.
I have fallen hardcore for his perfectly coifed hair.
Once upon a time, I had a dream we held hands.
I call him J-Baby for a reason; he is a child.
I am a cougar.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Intoxicating; that is the only word I can think of to describe it. His face brightens up my screensaver and his smile fills the background of my phone. His voice is like butta' and don't get me started on his hair. Every time I see him I get an extreme urge to squeeze his cute little cheeks and hug him until his guts squeeze out, but now things have mounted to a new level. He has lit up my days and now he is filling my nights. Last night he made me one less lonely girl! I think my heart literally skipped a beat. My hand was trembling as he took into his own and I swear he could hear the butterflies flutter in my stomach. Oh, by the way, his name is Justin Bieber. I might be thirteen.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"If I learn to know who I really am and I learn to know who Christ really is I will be able to solve EVERY problem in life."

- Seminary notebook
February 12, 2010

Dear Car Gods-

I promise I have an IQ higher than 45 but sometimes I know it is hard to tell. The other night at dinner my dad asked me to say the prayer. On my behalf, it was Friday night and I had just put in over forty hours at work which would explain my lack of common sense. So, we all fold our arms and bow our heads and I start.
           "Thank you for calling Murdock Hyundai, your no-regrets---"

Oops! The realization that I messed up big time hit me like an ice cube down the pants and looked up to see my brother busting up laughing. That's when I lost it and started laughing in such hysteria that tears cascaded down my cheeks and my dad had to say the prayer instead. That, my friends, is the perfect way to end a crazy week.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Don't worry,

Ode to Mammacita

She cleans the house and cuts my hair.
She even washes my underwear!
She's compassionate and loving,
and loves to share.
I have her eyes and a laugh that's rare.
She's raised five incredible kids
and is a grandma that rocks,
even if she still wears long socks.
She's witty and pretty
and an angel from above.
I don't think I will ever express
all of my love.

Once upon a mattress

Being at home is about more than being with my family. I realize every other post you read today and 98 percent of your Facebook Newsfeed is going to be swamped with statuses about how everyone's mom is the greatest, but I'm not going to really focus on that. As I sit cozied up on my bed I am eternally grateful for a seven letter word- privacy. At school there was no place I could go to just be alone with my thoughts. That might be why I liked the bathroom so much! So this one goes out to you, little four walled space I call sanctuary. Thanks for always being there when I need a break.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Cinderella Story

I know, I know, the title of this post has been done and redone by every girl 12 and older but I am willing and able to provide a twist to this typical title.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cami.
Cami Peterson

and she LOVED to dream.

So one night she had the most marvelous of all slumbers and a dream for the record books.

Every detail was impeccable and vivid and, unlike most of her dreams, everything flowed in a delightfully realistic manner.

There were friends from the past.

There were friends from the present.

But most of all, there was a new, mystery friend that made the dream all worthwhile.

T'was a man.

Cami and said man may have fallen in love.

GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! It was the cute, innocent kind.

I wouldn't have it any other way.