Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle Syndrome

I have a confession. I have officially been diagnosed with a horrible, crippling disease. They call in Sleepless in Seattle Syndrome. For those of you who have been completely deprived of this outstanding movie let me explain. Meg Ryan's character is completely enamored by the movie An Affair to Remember and wants desperately to be in love, the catch is she doesn't really want to be in love. Confusing I know, but there is this brilliant line where her best friend explains to her that she doesn't want to be in love, she wants to be in love in a movie. This my friends, is my problem.

Lately I will watch the sappiest love stories and I pine for someone to love, but then when the movie ends reality hits me and I remember that, wait, I do not want to be in a relationship today probably not tomorrow either. Curse you Hollywood for being so clever. You make love look so cozy, but I know better. At the same time though, sometimes the guys are really really cute. Can you say marry me Jack Dawson? Dang, someone better get me pills quick.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Santa, baby

Dear Santa,
I know I'm a bit old to be writing you a Christmas List, but you know how I feel about the hooplaw surrounding this commercialized holiday. This year I want it to be different. Could you please send me a little  more Christmas Spirit and not the kind that is focused on presents and lights. I want to drink hot cocoa in a mug while wearing a long, tacky sweater and leg warmers. White Christmas must be watched religiously at least once a week; you know what Bing does to me. A snowman twice my size with all the effects is requisite this year. Could you pull a few strings and get someone to take me snow shoeing or cross country skiing? If you're feeling especially generous I might even be happy with a date that includes ice skating and I wouldn't even complain if the man tried to hold my hand. Wait, scratch that, I wouldn't complain if it were with a few certain gents. I really would love to get all As this semester, but you know what they say, "Laziness never was happiness." A big dose of motivation is number one on my list this year, obviously. I fear the adverse effects of college are upon me and if you could help me keep off the notorious Freshman Fifteen it would be muchly appreciated. Well, Santa, I think that will do for right now. Keep me in mind, you jolly old soul you!
With greatest anticipation,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monday Night Crush

The Introduction
I am not, nor have I ever been, boy crazy. I made it all the way through high school without holding anyone's hand, cuddling, having a relationship, or heaven forbid kissing and not because I didn't have the chance. Maybe I'm picky, but most guys just don't do it for me. College, I was not prepared for your vast scenery of good looking men. Holy smokes. Sometimes I will walk across campus and sing, "Hallejulah, it's raining men!" in my head after seeing my fifth stallion that day. It really is a little overwhelming for this girl. Not that I'm pursuing anyone, but let's hand it to BYU-I for providing so many options.
The Story
Every Monday night I get together with some other apartments to play games, eat food, and otherwise make fools of ourselves. It provides the perfect opportunity to spend time with people that I usually don't or wouldn't get to socialize with and therefore provided the perfect backdrop for this story's unusual events. Once a week I was meeting up and flirting shamelessly with this guy, no no, this man that for lack of a better description is tall, dark, and handsome. I always said I'd go for someone like that. I've been diagnosed with this disease that leaves me crushing on short, blonde soccer players, though, so this intoxication was surely not expected. This guy was mysterious and intriquing. Every conversation left me smitten and yet unsure and every Tuesday morning I would feel nothing for him. I even tried to convince myself to like him, taking it so far as to creepily facebook stalk him, but alas, the feelings were dimished with every REM cycle I entered.
That is how things used to be. Now, my Monday Night Crush has turned into a Tuesday Morning Crush, Wednesday Afternoon Crush, Thursday Math Class Crush, Friday Evening Crush, Saturday Brunch Crush, and Sunday ALL DAY Crush. How did this happen? More importantly what on earth do I do about it? He is incredibly witty and don't get me started on his hair. I've discovered I have huge thing for hair and he is a top contender for perfectly coifed manes. This girl has a serious case of the likes.
The Conclusion
For better or for worse, I want to know this gent better. He is way to hilarious for me to just miss out on, so I will try for friendship, because let's be honest I am not looking for a boy toy.
To be continued...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You can Harry my Potter

I have a confession to make. I have been putting off posting because in my endeavors to make this blog as absorbing as Megan's I have discovered that I just might not be as witty as I like to think. I've discovered, my blog is lame. I don't even know if anyone has read it (comment please!) and I'm running out of creative things to talk about, despite the fact that I've only ever posted once. I, Cami Peterson, fail at blogging.
On a brighter note, Harry Potter 7 is coming out tonight. I may or may not have been looking forward to this moment for basically my entire life. Okay, not my entire life, but I have every reason to be completely obsessed with the phenom.

Examples of my affection:
1. Harry Potter, J.K Rowling and I share the same birthday- hence my "magical" personality
2. I have long red hair- Ginny Weasley anyone?
3. I cried when I found out Richard Harris died.
4. My ringtone is the Harry Potter theme- I feel like I've just walked into the Great Hall everytime it goes off.
5. When the streetlights go out, I'm 98% sure that Dumbledore is behind it.
6. The morning of my 11th birthday I watched out the window for an owl to bring my acceptance letter.
7. I yell "stupify," "crucio," and "expelliarmus" when I drive past pedestrians.
8. I own a real live wand and I know what it is made from- Hollyoak wood with the hair of a unicorn
9. My math class is frequently interrupted by questions like, "When your soul is sucked out by the Dementor's kiss, do you die?"
10. I made a necklace from the Sorcerer's Stone.
11. I secretly want a boyfriend with shaggy, dark hair so that he can be my Harry.
12. The phrase "nuttier than squirrel's poop" is frequent part of my vocabulary.
13. With the help of my friends, my classmates were all assigned a character from the book that they reminded us of.
14. I curse the fact that I can't apparate to class when I'm late.
15. It is the only thing I'm okay with conforming to.
16. I die a little inside when I think about the fact that I am not able to go see it tonight!

See how obsessed I am, and this is just the start. Now don't get me wrong I do not and never have claimed to be the world's biggest fan, I just find myself fascinated by this world outside of our own. Dear Harry Potter, please save me from the obscurity of Muggles!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stall is Occupied

Let the applause sound; I’ve finally gotten around to actually posting something on my blog! It’s Friday night and although a Harry Potter Party was in store, last minute changes had to be made and now I sit here waiting for a phone call. I’m sure you really wanted to know that. Lucky for you, though, you are about to glimpse the life of one little lady that spends a little too much time in the bathroom.

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Camille, or Cami, as my friends call me… well they would if I had any friends. (Can anyone name that movie?!) I spend most of my time doing homework, socializing, or in- you guessed it- the bathroom. I just have to pee ALL the time I can’t help it; I am a bonafide aquaholic.

My personal life has been sprinkled with a mess of blessings starting with my family, my friends, and my roommates. I’m the youngest of a handful of kids and we do have a jolly good time together. Oh! I’ve always wanted to use that phrase in public! Anyway, I surround myself with people only half as crazy and not nearly as loud as I am and we have interesting adventures together.

As I write this, I realize what a bore I am and want to really get down to business. All you really need to know is that my “stall” has been “occupied” with more than I usually deserve (not counting the good days) and that sometimes the greatest inspiration comes while you are mulling things over on the… throne.