Sunday, January 27, 2013

First world problems

My exact reaction when my parents told me they have taken down not just my bedroom door, but the bathroom door until further notice for repainting.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fine Forever

"Matthew Gregory Lish, will you be fine forever 
so that we'll never have to say goodbye?"

"Will YOU be fine forever?"

"And for always."

"Camille Peterson, yes, I will be your forever 
and always so we never have to say goodbye."

Maybe my phone autocorrects my texts 
and they don't turn out the way I intend...
but then again maybe life's better that way.

It's not perfect,
but it's "fine".


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today's episode is brought to you by the letter Q

Remember back in the days when you'd wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons and the Cookie Monster still ate cookies? I was reminded tonight of the good "old" days when my nephew told me he thinks I'm probably "like thirty or something," and then my niece told me she was sick last week so she missed out on learning the letter Q in Preschool. I wish that was the only thing that I was concerned about! Those were the days!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bloody sheets

Gross. That is probably the worst title ever, but it caught your interest, right? Okay, maybe not, but I assure you this post isn't about anything personal, inappropriate, or otherwise socially toxic. Instead it's really quiet comical all that went down. Here I was trying to salvage my room from the remodel beast with an equally scary side of college leftovers and my nieces were quietly playing some not-so-quiet game of Dora the Explorer on my computer. Great. They were minding their own, I was reminiscing the good old days when I looked like a ten year old boy and BAM my spidey senses started tingling. I looked up just in time to see my niece Avery's nose start bleeding like a garden hose. Fantastic, I've dealt with bloody noses before so I really wasn't worried except, that hose was watering down my sheets--- down to the mattress cover... Amused, rather than annoyed (I really needed to wash my sheets anyway) I said to her, "Avery, you're nose is bleeding." Bad idea, Cami. She looks at me in horror and wipes her nose with enough vigor to send a splattering of blood (is that an actual phrase or did I make that up?) over not just her, but my computer, and pillows. She's so cute and yet so destructive! After rushing to the bathroom and dealing with the hysteria, we both were feeling much better and she told me she needed to go upstairs to talk to her daddy. I told her to go, but she said that her mommy always says, "Here, take my hand." She's very particular about going upstairs I guess. So, I did as she instructed me and we went to tell her daddy all about it. He of course asked her if I had punched her in the nose and she looked at him and said, "No, Daddy! That would be so silly." 

Yeah, I have a good feeling about this one. 

Praises be!

I've found the perfect lipstick! You can't tell from the pics but the lipstick is surrounded by a shield of moist protection so you get the color you want without those nasty crusties. VICTORY FIST!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Old Friends

Have you ever accidentally run into someone that you haven't seen in, well, forever? Maybe it was someone that you were never best friends with but have known most of your life or someone that you know from junior high and have occasionally kept up with. It could be that person that you always could count on for an invitation to any party and a quick hello even though you never were that tight. Sometimes these run-ins seem inconsequential and randomly irrelevant, but then there are other times when in just those few moments that you're with that person you are reminded of the who you used to be. It's as if the someone that you were in high school or junior high or even before that resurfaces. In their eyes you're that same overly zealous kid with an appetite for excitement and giggles to spare that was constantly being too loud or too silly. Maybe as you walk away you remember what it was like to be that person and you wonder if you still are. Questions might flood your mind and you quietly wonder if people look at you that way now. You might remember that you don't have to change; that being silly isn't bad and being enthusiastic isn't immature. In those moments of memories it's possible that you realize that growing up doesn't mean losing your "muchness" and having a career doesn't mean you have to stop being crazy. There's a chance you realize that being an adult doesn't mean you have to worry all the time! Sure, life is going to hit you hard and fast, but having responsibility doesn't mean you have to stop having fun; it doesn't mean you have to replace excitement with stress and faith with fear. Then, after all that realizing, you understand that the person, the old friend you haven't seen in a while, you've accidentally run into, was actually 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Proposal

It's been too long, I know. I have kept you guys waiting for weeks and I'm sure most of you have lost interest at this point, but I just had to blog. I had to get it out; tell the whole world! Ever since I started dating Matt I put blogging on the back burner, not so much because I didn't have time, but because I didn't want to put too much out there. I was afraid I was going to curse the whole relationship! So, I didn't say very much. Then I fell in love and I shouted it from the rooftops. Now I'm engaged and I can finally share everything but I don't have time. It's a bit ironic isn't it?
On to the story. 

Where to start? How about Saturday morning on the drive home from college with Matt. He had been acting weird all weekend and insisted we get home by 3 so that he could “run some errands.” I knew he had to be getting my ring. He's not from Utah so what other pressing engagement would he have? I joked with him that he was probably throwing me a surprise party because after all I had just graduated with my Nursing degree and that’s a pretty big deal! In high school my sister threw me a surprise UN-birthday party but I wasn’t really surprised because one of my friends accidentally asked me if I was going to be there. Oops. Anyway, I have always loved surprses and I have been wanting a surprise party for the majority of my life. 

That bit of background brings us to Monday. It seemed like an ordinary day. We woke up to screaming children, made sugar cookies, and went for a run. I wasn’t expecting him to propose because Wednesday night we were going to a black tie dinner party and in my mind that would have been the perfect conditions for a proposal. I was planning on curling my hair (miracle) and wearing a beautiful dress- two rare things in my life. The worst part of getting engaged is that you have to be ready for it at all times which means I had to have my hair done and an actual outfit at the ready at all times. So, that night I put on one of the only real shirts I had (considering I was temporarily living out of my car at my brother's house while mine is being renovated) and poofed my hair. Elissa and Lisa had made plans with us to go out for frozen yogurt and they kept insisting they come all the way out to Lehi to pick us up. I was so irritated! There was no reason for them to drive all the way out here and it would be much easier to meet in American Fork. They didn’t care. They kept on saying how they love driving with each other and it would give them time to talk, so, despite my annoyance, I gave them the address and then headed out to my house to pick up a few things. I took my sweet time. At one point I think I was driving five under the speed limit because I wasn't paying attention. Of course, I had to pee twice during the ten minutes we were at the house and needed to go again on the way back! I'm really pretty pathetic. When I walked into the house  the lights were off. Are the little girls in bed already?  I wondered. I went to turn down the hall when Lisa jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!" I almost wet my pants! I backed away as Elissa, Cassie, Mitch and the rest of my family came out from their hiding spots and yelled Congratulations! That’s when Matt came out of the hall with a dozen pink roses. I knew what was happening. On the couch was his computer with his family on Skype. Elissa hit play and our song starting playing. "Don't be scared it's only love that we're falling in..." He took the flowers and tossed them on the couch and then took my hands and told me that this wasn’t a party to celebrate my graduation and he got down on one knee. I didn’t know how to react! I thought about crying and laughing and I think I did a little bit of both. Honestly I mostly just thought I was going to explode. Everything in my body felt numb. He pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. Someone once told me that I would know what ring was mine because I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it. I think that's how it is when you fall in love with anyone or anything. It was the one that I had been dreaming about.  He was the one I had been hoping for. I screamed yes and fell to my knees to hug him. The rest of the night was a blur. I called and text about a million people. I couldn’t stop looking at my finger! It was one of those moments that you spend all of your life imagining in every little bitty detail and then when it actually happens you're too caught up in it all that you don't remember half of it. 

So that's the story. It isn't nauseatingly romantic or extravagant, but it was absolutely perfect! I was completely surprised, my closest friends and family were there, and it was caught on camera. I couldn't have asked for more!