Thursday, March 3, 2011

God Bless

The boy yards ahead of me walked with an obvious limp and exhibited signs of mental handicapps. I was too far away to fully appreciate his predicament as he walked precariously over the slick sidewalk, but I could tell that he was struggling. With a backpack crammed full of who-knows-what hanging off of one shoulder and a left shoe that was bound to fall off at any moment, this kid needed help. I weighed options in my mind of what I should do, if anything. As the distance closed between us, my mind was racing. What should I do? Then something happened that saved me from my uncertainty; a car flipped a U-turn and stopped. The man in the driver's seat was in his mid-twenties with a look of sincere concern that I could see even from where I stood some twenty five feet away. This selfless man stopped what he was doing to help this unfortunate boy and it made a lasting impression on me.
Just as my faith in humanity was hanging dangerously off a sharp cliff, a stranger  saved the day. You hear stories of good samaritans and strangers doing good deeds, but until you witness it firsthand it seems like something off the Silver Screen. Get ready, friends, because charity lives on! This man probably doesn't know the extent of what he did, but I feel a need to go out and help someone. Look around! There are people all around us everyday that need our help and it's our responsibility to do something about it. It's time to be someone else's miracle.

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  1. Ah i really like that story! thanks cami! i'm going to try and help someone too!