Saturday, March 26, 2011

a lack of color

There is a movie that has a quote a little like this, “Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out.” (okay okay, that is the exact quote.) I think maybe I have taken this too far. It all comes down to my non-conformist attitude.
I refused to read the full Twilight series because everyone fell into mad obsession over them.
I won't go to Sammy's because it's obviously the 'happening place' in Rexburg.
I will not see Avatar. It has been ruined for me by all of the rave reviews.
and today I did not go to the Festival of Colors.
I didn't get any of this-
or this

and I definitely didn't do this

I even planned on going and came home partially for the reason that I wanted to make pink eye boogers for the rest of the month. I couldn't bring myself to do it, though. I just couldn't. Pictures and statuses of the event are clogging up my Newsfeed and I really am happy for all those that went and enjoyed themselves, but the fact remains the same that I just can't bring myself to do such things. Maybe someday I will grow up, but for now I will continue studying the reproductive system. Oh the joys of Anat and Phys!


  1. I'm with you on this. I read one Twilight book, and that was before it was big. And then I shunned them like the plague. To the point of going to see Bolt at midnight because Twilight was premiering the same night. It was a statement.
    BUT CAMI. Someday you will need to enjoy the supreme pleasure of throwing bags of colorful powder at people. It's something you will never experience anywhere else!!!! Unless you go to India. In which case you will have bragging rights every March for the rest of your life. But yes, the Color Festival is completely mainstream, but sometimes when you like things, it overrules everything you want to hate about it. So you do it. And yes, you agree with the masses that it is really awesome.
    Now I'm going to enjoy my purple boogers and wait for my friend to post the pictures so I can choose my favorite and post it as my profile pic ;) haha

  2. yeeeeeeeeeeeahh girl.

    i didn't go either.
    high five.