Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love the peeling the orange in one long spiral.Orange with a spiral peel Royalty Free Stock Photo

I love when someone sends you an email just because they can.
I love wild coincidences.
I love discovering that one song that describes your day.
I love staying up late because the creative juices are running.

I love running until I can't breathe.
I love putting on silky pajamas after shaving my legs.
I love singing loud and off key just because I can.
I love that moment before the rain starts to fall when everything
seems to become still as it awaits the tumult of the storm.
I love the smell of wet dirt.

I love when you are so tired you fall asleep the instant you hit the pillow.
I love when people say it's "just Cami"
I love the smell of the first day of Fall.
I love waking up to your favorite song.
I love bright colored walls.

I love books about "Stuff on my Cat"
I love when someone's laugh makes me laugh.
I love immature jokes that shouldn't be funny.
I love old men's stories.
I love when you know you owned a test.
I love a good rhyme.
I love getting butterflies.
I love making up stories and having people believe me and then having to tell them it was a joke.
I love when people start picking up on my lingo.

I love awarding House Points to people for ridiculous
things and saying it in my best old British lady accent.
I love getting matching nighties.

I love telling people I will pray about it... and being
completely serious.
I love blogging about completely irrelevant things.
I love those that "Follow" me.
I love starting stories with "Once upon a time"
I love raising my hand whenever I have something to say.
I love seeing completely hideous pictures of myself
and being impressed I could make such a face.

I love going to bed early.
I love waking up to only one sock still on.
I love waking up to an unexpected text message.
I love living vicariously through others.  
I love being spontaneous.