Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Car Gods-

I promise I have an IQ higher than 45 but sometimes I know it is hard to tell. The other night at dinner my dad asked me to say the prayer. On my behalf, it was Friday night and I had just put in over forty hours at work which would explain my lack of common sense. So, we all fold our arms and bow our heads and I start.
           "Thank you for calling Murdock Hyundai, your no-regrets---"

Oops! The realization that I messed up big time hit me like an ice cube down the pants and looked up to see my brother busting up laughing. That's when I lost it and started laughing in such hysteria that tears cascaded down my cheeks and my dad had to say the prayer instead. That, my friends, is the perfect way to end a crazy week.


  1. hahahahhahah i used to do this so much! except I would say Thank you for calling Gene Harvey cheverolet... hahahha. Your wonderful Cami Lou!

  2. i wish i would have been there to share this wonderful moment with you.

  3. I love when things like that happen. Ha ha!