Saturday, May 28, 2011

Never say Never

Kids, this really is getting ridiculous. I thought maybe it was just a fad, a passing blow of illness, but no, I think it might be a terminal disease. I have been infected with Beiber Fever and it's getting serious. Tonight I grabbed some frozen yogurt with a friend and then we rented Justin Bieber- Never Say Never. Let me just say I NEVER thought I would love him so much. It's borderline pedophile-ish. He is such a little cutey pants, though; I just want to squeeze him. He is a baby face times ten and I feel a strange affection for him. Check out the SNL skit featuring TINA FEY and J-Beebs if you haven't yet. I feel similarly. "I don't know if I should marry him or push him around the mall in a stroller."
On my behalf, you can't say he isn't ridiculously talented. I'm not talking Michael Jackson, I mean no need to get crazy here, but we might have the next Justin Timberlake, minus the bad haircut, on our hands. The guys at work assure me I will not be getting married anytime soon if I don't get over this fascination, but hey I'm not looking to get a ring on my finger anytime soon and I'm 18. I think a little celebrity crush is understandable. maybe.

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  1. Jordawn PetersonMay 29, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    I have a couple young men that look surprisingly similiar to your Bieber boy. You can come to church next week and stare at them if you would creeper.