Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cloud 59

Monday morning started out as any other. I like to think that the Bangles were talking about me when they sang, "Just another manic Monday," because I couldn't have put into words any better myself. I got to work bright and early and expected to have things go as they usually do. That is, I expected chaos. This was a different Monday, though. It wasn't even nine when I got a call from the Department of Nursing at BYU-I and they told me that they had my notification letter and they really needed to get it to me. Yes, yes, I know, answering my cellphone at work is a major NO-NO but heck, it was too blasted early for anyone to come in anyway. My roommate had tried to pick it up for me, but the stars just didn't align in her favor and so there the letter had sat in the Nursing Office for a week just screaming to be read. For the first time since I applied back in March I actually felt a twinge of excitement. I tried to be professional, but I'm as mature as a thirteen year old so when she told me she would just copy it and email the letter to me I basically told her I was going to wet my pants in anxiousness. Good first impression right?
I hung up I made a trip to the bathroom of course, and then I spent the next hour in agony. It was torture. I honestly didn't expect to feel so much pressure. I can't tell you the last time I had butterflies about anything; let's be honest, my life lacks excitement, but I couldn't tell if I was going to throw up or laugh. I checked my email repeatedly. I talked with reckless adandon. I was out of control. Then, fate arrived in the form of an ADOBE document.

I can't believe it. My life has a set course; my future has a definite direction. I, Cami Peterson, am going to be a Nurse. When I read those words: conditionally accepted, I felt like my brain would implode. I came down with a severe case of the giggles. People started to stare. When I came home my mom asked me how I felt and I told her I was on Cloud 59. Please bless that kissing will bring me as much joy. Just kidding, but really... I have never felt so exuberant in my life. You know, sometimes the stars do align.

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  1. Yay! So happy for you lady! :)