Monday, June 20, 2011

Do your strings hang low?

There have been many things in life people strive to smell like- fresh cut flowers, fruit and cream, the ocean breeze, homemade cookies, all kinds of sugary confections, sometimes even candy, but nowhere in anyone's list can you find the one scent I have found fate throw up on me in more than one occasion. It goes a little like this.

Once upon a time, I had a shirt or two (okay maybe five) that tied in the back. They were cute, they were flattering, they were fun and flirty, but those dang ties were way too freaking long. Many a friend found it the bright spot in their day to yank them out of the bow. Now, usually this short of shenanigans wouldn't bother me except for the fact I HAVE TO PEE ALL THE TIME. Thus we have this little equation:
long strings
nasty pee water
Cami has nasty pee water on shirt
and smells like the toilet



1 comment:

  1. Please tell me this story in person sometime. Preferably while I am doing crunches. Thanks :)