Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On a scale of one to tomato...

how red is my face?

I am a pretty confident person. I don't find myself easily embarrassed and yet for no obvious reason, my body seems to think that reacting with my face turning every imaginable color of red within a manner of milliseconds is not only acceptable, but highly attractive. I laugh- I resemble a fire hydrant, I cry- suddenly I am the color of a beet, that cute boy across the room looks at me and if you would throw a stick on the top of my head I would be easily confused with a cherry. Lovely. Oh wait, hold on, it isn't. The worst part of the whole situation is that I can feel the heat rushing to my face. Before I can bury my face in my hands or make an escape to the bathroom my face reaches a level of redness that can't be denied. At this point I actually start to feel embarrassed that I look like I am embarrassed even though I wasn't even embarrassed to start out. It's embarrassing. I don't have the class to make it adorable or endearing, I simply look like a moron; a red faced, flustered moron. I have attempted to make excuses, explanations, or reason it away, but how do you possibly pull that off?

After all,

- "I'm not blushing, I'm just got sunburned... indoors... right now..."
- cough cough -

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