Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Unexpected- Day(te) One

(Names have been changed for privacy)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cami and a boy named Seth. Seth was Cami's older brother's best friend and had hair like a God. It was really quite fitting due to the fact that Cami also had the hair of an ethereal vixen. Seth and Cami met through their mutual association with her brother, Mitch, and although she always felt a twinge of attraction to the man, she never thought twice about thin build, dark wavy hair, and erratic personality. The three of them took many journeys together. Seth's confidence, although at times a bit extreme, made the issue of his strange behavior seem naught but a little thing in Cami's mind. Then one day Seth asked her out on a date. She was flattered certainly, but she didn't think it was a matter of romance. They were friends. He asked lots of girls, anyway, and he never had come off interested or in the least bit flirty even.
The night started out as most nights do. Cami curled her hair because for some odd reason she felt a strong desire to impress the fine gent. He drove his grandma's mustang and wore a blue and orange shirt. They split a sandwich at Subway, her favorite feasting ground, and head to the mountains to see a distant village's local rendition of The Sound of Music. This musical production just happened to be her favorite movie and Cami felt great excitement at the prospect of seeing it. It seemed the fates had a different idea, though. As the arrived at the valley city of Midway a light rain began to fall and Seth, being the boy scout that he is, gave the young maiden one of his jackets. The rain soon became a torrent of water splashing down on the innocent audience members and the play was cancelled. Have no fear, however, because Seth and Cami took matters into their own hands and decided to go for a little drive as to fully appreciate the beauty around them. They came upon a house in the middle of construction and Cami thought it a jolly idea to stop and explore. Using her best British accent she guided the young gent on a full tour of the house. As they explored the basement, Seth took her hand and began to dance with her. Inside the left of her chest, the hardened young woman felt a bit of a jolt in the spot where her heart should be and she pulled away in a most graceful manner. She didn't know what had happened and she wasn't so sure she liked it. Suddenly there was a bit a suspicion in her mind that perhaps this date was more than she originally had thought.
THe night progressed and the couple decided to take a drive up the mountain. Lightning danced across the sky and there was a the low rumble of thunder in the backdrop of the evening, but the two didn't seem to notice. As they approached the pinnacle of the mountain, Seth pulled over. Before their eyes lay the most lovely expanse of nature and man combined. City lights lit up the valley while nature's great symphony played for their ears. They stepped out of the car and leaned against the expensive car and began to talk of nothing and everything. The girl felt his arm behind her, but thought that it must be there simply to keep him in a standing position. Slowly, but surely he inched closer to her and his arm suddenly began to stroke her side. She died. Okay, not really, but she instantly became nauseous in the most wonderful way. Not sure whether she should throw up or laugh, she kept her eyes on the ground as she felt his breath on her neck. He was close; closer than any boy had ever been. Her mind began to race, "Was this an accident? Why was he touching her? Did she like it? What if he tried to kiss her?" She was chomping an a mass of gum and didn't know what to do with it if he suddenly embraced her. Much to her confusion he stepped in front of her and grabbed her hands. It was a moment for the movies. First of all, her hand was stuck in the sleeve of the jacket and he had to fish it out. Secondly he said, "You know, if you weren't my best friend's little sister I would have asked you out a long time ago." She was at a loss for words. How does one possibly reply to such a sentiment? She muttered something barely tangible and then shot off on a different subject, nonchalantly pulling her hands away so that she could more fully speak with them. The rest of the night was a blur, but the feeling in her stomach didn't leave. What would happen next? Was she prepared to take such a step forward? It seemed her life had taken an unexpected turn and the future was nothing less than a mystery.
To be continued...


  1. umm hello! you can't just leave it at that! what comes next?! please share!

  2. OH MY HECK FINISH THE STORY LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!