Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter 21- Let Me Explain

I feel bad. You see, I didn't do quite the justice that this summer deserved in my last post and I realize that looking at a myriad of pictures from someone else's life with no explanation is not only monotonous, but irritating. Allow me please a moment to comment on a few of the photos.

Notice anything? That's right, "It's a little bit ridiculous how obsessed I am with [these girls]." They may or may not have saved my soul this summer. Remember when you were little and summer would endow you with new life as you would spend endless hours playing on the tramp with friends and staying up late doing dumb things? I hadn't experienced that in a good eight or nine years until this summer. We were reckless. We were silly. We cried. We laughed. We lived.
  • mattress blading
  • farewells
  • temple trips
  • harry potter harry potter harry potter
  • dressing up
  • shopping
  • music in the park
  • movies in the park
  • bike rides
  • walks
  • getting lost
  • getting found
  • hot tubs
  • park city
  • nap overs
  • runs
  • zumba
  • boating
  • ruptured ear drums
  • british accents
  • boyfriends
  • best friends


  1. Just found your blog- TOO cute!! Following now :)

  2. this post not only gave me chills, made me giggle, and make me long for you two back into my life, it did something to my heart. kudos, my love.