Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chapter 24- Blinded

I can never decide if being set up on blind dates is a compliment or an insult. Either way, I always agree to go and they always hold a new adventure.
Last night I was set up by two girls from one of my classes. Perhaps their reasons were selfish seeing how they only did it with the hopes that we would fall in love and we could all go on group dates together, nevertheless I was all too eager to go. Usually I get set up with that weird friend that tends to be the tag a long of the group, but this time I went with the leader of the pack. He was cute. Dark hair, thin and fit, great style. The few conversations we had were lighthearted and fun and I thought perhaps I had struck gold.
Now I await the end results. It was a group date so the "getting to know you" part of the date was hindered. He didn't give me attention that I expected. It was so fun, but then again I have fun doing the dishes so that doesn't really say anything. He was quiet, not flirty.

Now, I wonder...

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