Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 42- Weddins and outs

Do you ever get on Facebook... or Pinterest... or maybe you actually have friends and go to receptions... anyway, do you ever see a wedding and you can't help but thank the heavens that it isn't yours?
You think, "Oh dear, another wedding with yellow and grey as the colors?"or "Isn't her dress just.... straight out of a horror movie!" Okay okay, I exaggerate.
But haven't you seen that bride that chooses colors that only are found on the Disney Princess color wheel at Home Depot?
Or the one that makes her bridesmaids wear awful, unflattering dresses?
Don't get me started on the cakes. I'm sorry, but a Groom's cake with a tool box on it made out of fondant isn't classy and it's not cute.
All of the cookie cutter dresses with the sash and the ruching (is that even how you spell it?) are so ordinary. They are lovely, but where's the individuality these days? Sigh... Karma is going to get me back big time for this!

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