Friday, January 20, 2012

Chapter 48- IV please

4:37- woke up. 
4:38- fell back asleep 
4:49- turned off alarm
4:51- crawled out of bed
4:53- put on scrubs and pulled back hair
5:02- peed. 
5:20- left for Clinical
5:35- waited around Same Day Surgery until nurses showed up
6:02- started first IV SUCCESSFULLY on fellow nursing student
6:03- cheered. 
6:05 to 9:31- hung IV bags, took vital signs, disconnected IVs, drank ice water, peed twice
9:46- started and IV on a patient. No digging around for vein, no bleeding, 100% fantastic IV
9:48- happy danced
10:00- went into Colonoscopy surgery
10:15 to 11:01- freaked out over seeing the inside of person's large intestine.
11:13- got a nasty picture taken for my hospital ID
12:05- fell asleep in the car on the drive home
12:49- almost urinated all over in my pants
12:51- got back to my apartment 
12:52- peed.
12:53 to 3:00- wasted time and ate some food. peed three times
3:15 to 4:22- ran 5.25 miles outside in the wind, up some hills, around some corners, did 30 "man" push ups and the plank for 1 minute. Peed. 
4:31 to 5:32- tutor session. Got excited about Congestive Heart Failure
5:35- peed. 
5:47 to 6:03- blogged.

I'd say it's been a full day. By the way, did I mention I STARTED TWO IV's TODAY. No big deal, I'm just becoming a Nurse. 

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  1. You sure pee a lot, Cami. No wonder you have a whole blog dedicated to it. Congrats on your IVs! Double whammy