Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chapter 56- The Story

Once upon a time, Cami's roommate Meg is dating someone named Ryan. Ryan had a birthday and she met his neighbor Ian. Ian wears Abercrombie and Fitch and has really good hair. He basically looks like a tool. Cami thought, "Wow, what a stallion. He would never be interested in a girl like me," and so she forgot about him. Then, the next weekend she went to Sammy's and saw him again. Ian started talking to her and she felt pretty awesome, but again, she never thought that anything would happen. He looked like someone that could get any girl he wanted and she didn't want to get played so she forgot about him. A few weeks later she went to the library with Meg and Ryan. Ian happened to be there too and he came over and talked to them for a good thirty or forty minutes. Cami was just wearing sweats and an ugly tee shirt- definitely not her finest attire so she thought that someone so well groomed would be turned off by her dress and her innocence. Turns out, Ian liked it. He got her number from Ryan and set up a date. She was blown away! They went out and she had a really great time except she was unbelievably tired which means she was uncharacteristically quiet. She wanted to impress him, but her brain couldn't formulate anything witty or clever to say. It couldn't even form a sentence. She thought she might have messed things up, but he kept on coming around.
They saw each other everyday for 2 weeks and then they decided they were dating. They ate sushi and watched movies. It was all so crazy and wonderfully unexpected. He stole his first kiss on a Sunday. They were laying on the floor with the tv on and friends sitting around when he just leaned over and kissed her. She blushed. He laughed. He told her to kiss him again and she said she didn't want to, but really she did. They kissed again. She thought she was going to burst open! 
On Valentine's Day, Ian surprised Cami with flowers in the library. Everyone stared. She almost cried because she had never been treated so well in her whole life. So, Cami started to really like this boy and he began to really like her. They went down to her house over the President's Day weekend and he met her family. They talked about everything under the sun and they got progressively weirder as they spent time together. Suddenly, Cami and Ian are boyfriend and girlfriend and life became an wonderfully unexpected surprise.


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  1. already meeting the fam? Love it!!! I want to meet this charming kid!!! love ya