Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear 17 year old me,

Congratulations! You have officially just finished your journey of compulsory education, a moment you never thought would actually come. Such a small part of your adventure is now over, just a chapter in this novel of life. There is a beautiful, terrible, terrifying world in front of you but don't be afraid. Life, as you know, is hard. There is no more eloquent way to state it, but you already know that. What you need to know is that life is beautiful. You have incredible people that surround you; people that you have forgotten. Friendships will be made that will change your life. The things that you thought you needed will surely fade away and you'll realize what is really important in life.
I remember the raw excitement you had to go away to college, but before you get ahead of yourself let me offer you a few bits of advice.

  • College isn't like kindergarten. I know that you think you're going to go off to school and become the person that you've always wanted to be, but quite frankly it doesn't work like that. You must remember who you are! I can't emphasize that enough. Make a name for yourself. It's too easy to get lost in masses, to hide in the back of the classroom. Be who you are because you're fantastic.
  • Don't worry about fitting in with the cliques; they never last. 
  • Be sure to build relationships with not only your roommates, but with the people in your ward and in your apartment complex. You'll regret not doing it. 
  • Control yourself. You're loud. You're giggly and by the time you get to school you will be so obviously 18. Laugh quieter. Giggle less. You don't have to stop being who you are just tone it down a little. Growing up isn't a bad thing, but it is requisite. No one wants to hang out with the girl that laughs at nothing. 
  • Take advantage of the people that you already know. You don't know it now, but your brother is absolutely phenomenal. He'll take care of you if you let him (especially if you work on that laugh of yours). His roommates are so great, too. Become their friends. Hang out at his apartment. He loves you and he won't think your a tag-a-long.
  • You can do it. Life is hard, but it's worth it. College is full of strange adventures, spontaneous dancing, laughing til you cry and crying til you laugh. You will find people the complete you and discover friends that were there all along. Be brave, Cami. You can do anything that you set your mind to. 
  • Christ knows. He understands. Don't forget that. 
You see, college is going to test you (literally, you and the people at the testing center will know each other on a first name basis). Don't give up. Don't get discouraged. Call your mom. Find some friends. Put on your running shoes and take a step back. Your priorities are going to change the older you get, but in such a good way. Growing older is undeniable, but growing up is a choice. Be an adult but don't lose your zeal for life. You are going to learn so much about love and life. Is that too cliche? I've come to realize that the things in life that seem cliche or overstated are usually the most true! So, on that note, .and (:

Love, Cami 


  1. UHHH this is one of the many reasons Why I love you!! I needed this for sure! haha I laughed out loud a little on the one about controlling your laughter haha opps
    love ya

  2. Ummm...hiiii. I love this. especially the one about your brother. You're the cutest Cami!