Friday, May 18, 2012

My Guy

"Tanner, do you promise that when you get old like me we can still be best friends?
"I pinky swear."

No one in the world can melt my heart like my nieces and nephews. Tanner, though, has an especially special place in my heart. He was my first nephew! The first grandbaby! From the first moment he looked up at me with those big chocolate puppy dog eyes I knew; I knew what love was. I thought my heart literally might burst it was so full. I was afraid to hold him. He was so precious, so tender and angelic, I didn't want to break him. I didn't want him to change. I wanted to hide him away and protect him from the world. Sometimes I would hold him as tight as I could because I wanted him to know how much I loved him; how much he meant to me. I wanted my love to flow from my soul to his.

This April he turned seven and for a moment I understoond what mothers always say about wanting to turn back the clock to when their children were little. He's growing up so fast. We've grown up so fast. I've learned so much from the boy with the big eyes and even bigger imagination.

I was the one that locked him in the car the first time.
I cried with him when he got his first bad cut, his first bad burn.
I felt his anxiety and excitement as he ran out the door on his first day of school.
I taught him silly songs and how to play pirates.
I watched along in wonder at his first firework show.

It looks like someone has a lot to compete with if they want to get my heart from this little boy that stolen it away so many years. No one can compare to my guy. 


  1. this is adorable! i bet you are such a great aunt. i can't wait until i can be one :) thanks for sharing this

  2. Ahhh....It is kind of sweet that you have been there or so many of his big events. We sure love our Aunt Cami.