Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Amanda's gone,
but I'm sure you've noticed that.
Our final conversation went a little bit like this,

"What are you doing?"
"Just studying for a drug test... 
It's really hard considering 
I've never done drugs before."
 (giggling with pride over my joke)

"...." (Amanda says nothing)

"uh... do you get it?"

(sniffles) "I've gotta go"

"WHAT?! Are you crying?"


"But I wasn't saying anything serious. 
You're not allowed to cry yet! 
We're talking about drugs. 
Drugs aren't sad!" 
(by this time I'm a mess)

"I can't stop!"
"Me either!"

"I love you. I'll... see you.... later."

"I (sniffle) love (sniffle sniffle) you too. 
Have a good mission."

The worst. 

I wrote her a letter during Sacrament meeting (it keeps me reverent).
Boogers were a drippin'.
Tears were a streamin'.
It was quite the sight.

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