Friday, July 13, 2012

Wedding Bells and Sleepovers

Yesterday was the B-E-A-Utiful wedding of my dear roommate and friend Megan! I'm just so bloody happy for the both of them! Ryan is such a stellar guy and 100 percent adorable and they are so weird it couldn't be more perfect!
I wish I had pictures to upload but I either lost my camera again or it's buried in one of my bags! So, pictures to come, but for now just eat these two up! They will have the cutest, blonde babies ever!
This was just a quick trip for us college kids. Cassie and I and our friend Jon left here Wednesday night and got in at 8 30 this morning! Talk about crazy. I seriously died in the backseat on the drive back! We stayed up late both nights and my brain is saying, "WHA? Why did you do this to me?" (imagine that in some crazy accent) nevertheless only 6 more days and I'm blowin' this Popsicle stand! 

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