Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to me... about two weeks ago!
ANNNDDD Happy 200th post! Horray! I've been saving this post because I thought there was something sweetly sentimental about having my 200th post be about my 20th birthday. So here it is. I hope you're as excited as me.
Back to the big stuff, though, for my 20th birthday I decided to throw myself and the one and only Harry Potter a combined birthday party seeing as we share the magical day.
Here's what you missed.
Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes, Golden Snitches, and Pretzel Wands. Delish. 


Some serious volleyball skills

cute ladies. 

Eye lerve hur two tha mune an bak. 

They're in love or something. 

I think Darin might be flipping someone off. Oops. 

She's never even seen Harry Potter. She must love me. 

Mitch is a Golden Snitch and Shay is the Invisibility Cloak.
My friends are really clever. 

First kiss of the night.... uh what?

True love... or fear... either one...
I cannot believe I'm twenty! I feel old and weird. I can't use the fact that I'm a teenager as an excuse anymore. I had an absolutely fantastic wedding.
 AH oh my gosh, 
I'm watching Runaway Bride and 
they're talking about weddings. 
That's hilarious! 
Call it a Freudian Slip. 
Call it whatever you want. 
It's hilarious. 

Anyway, my birthday was a complete success and just another reminder my friends are incredible. 

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  1. Hahaha I love this post. Nice slip there at the end. And yes we are in love thanks for noticing. :)