Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Days like this.

                                                                                                     I like eating cereal out of a ziplock baggie

I like when I get surprise texts from people like this:

I like when my undies match my outfit.

I like when I have dreams about these people.

and these people

                                                              I like making grocery lists

I like conversations that don't make any sense:

      • what?
      • why?
      • ew?
      • Oh hey thanks for ruining my lief.
    • lief.
    • a lief is a terrible thing to ruin.
    • hahaha the worst. one time someone tried to ruin minebut then...i punched them
    • in the eyeball. eye open and everything.
    • in the eye, i pressume.
    • NOOOOO
    • OOOOOOOOOO how?
    • hahahahaha why?
    • what?
    • because we are insanely in tune?

YES. that. holy crap that was so cool.

  • August 27
    Cami Peterson
    • not okay
    • hate your face
  • August 27
    Elissa Butler
    • no you don't.
    • not even a little.
    • not even when it's covered in mountainous zit ties.
    • hahahaha zit ties.

I like having things to do and people to see. 

I like days like this. 

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