Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear you,

Dear guy sitting across from me in the library,

I quite enjoy looking at you across the way. Don't worry about the fact that you are flirting with the girl to your right, I'm not envious. You see, I'm not interested in dating you. I feel satisfied with just looking but not being able to touch. It's a bit like window shopping and I'm really okay with that. I appreciate the fact that you are oblivious to me and therefore allow me to glance at you over the top of my laptop without feeling like a creeper. I don't even regret the fact that I didn't do my hair today.
Your green shirt adds some needed spice to the dismal setting of this forsaken place. Maybe someday we will meet and become friends and I'll be able to touch your lusious locks. I haven't seen hair like that in days, probably weeks. Sometimes I get distracted by your voice as it breaks through Josh Groban serenading me on Pandora. You are definitely providing me a little relief from the stress of Finals. We should do this again; same time tomorrow?

Yours Truly


  1. Yeah, yeah. You say you've never been boy crazy? I don't believe it! :)

  2. Yes. I feel this way sometimes. I'm just happy someone finally put it into words.. Never the less (yeah I'm scriptural, so what) It brought laughter and light to my day. Thank you Love!