Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sorry, Katy Perry

I'm a walking paradox. Today as I went to the bathroom for the 18th time I realized how contradictory my thoughts are.

Chocolate makes me sick
                                       I can't get enough

     I can't wait to fall in love
                                                                                           I don't believe in LOVE

 I just love smiling, smiling is my favorite!
                                                                              Hello, depression, my old friend.

 I wish I had boyfriend
                                                                                                         Boys suck

                         I'm a social butterfly
                                                      I'm spending my friday night at home 

Please don't notice me                             
                  I'm really LOUD and outgoing!!
              I don't care what people think
                                                                  I want to fit in
 Confidence becomes me                   
                                                                              Can i please crawl under a rock and die?

                                  I like everyone
                                                                 I want to  punch them in the face twice

 I just cried myself to sleep
                                                 Don't worry- I'm not sensitive- I'm not emotional

I want a guy that is tall, dark, and handsome                                                    
                                       I always fall for short, blonde, cute guys

I admit it, I'm a hypocrite. My mind changes every five seconds, and blame it on the hormones if you want, but really it's just the ways I am.


  1. dearest cami you and i are so much alike those explain my life also so together we can be happy and depressed hypocritical fools

  2. ha, this is funny. lame comment i know. i could say so much, but i still think i'll stick to that