Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chapter 16- She's the Man

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

This week Sister Dalton was the speaker at Devotional
and she gave some genius advice.
Young women-

"Stop competing with each other in a group for the attention of the available men in the room. Make yourself scarce. …When the text comes, don't go join them. Just text back and say, "Busy tonight." Wait until they call you and personally ask you to go on a date with them."

Sounds blasphemous right?
There is no way that could actually work.
Well, that's what 96 % percent of campus thought too.
I am here to stand as a witness that it works.

Today in my Changes in the Global Climate class,
a guy that had shared in rapturous laughter with me
sat by me.

We laughed.
We chatted.
We flirted.

He said, "We should hang out sometime.
I don't think I would stop laughing."

I said, "I don't hang out."

I was joking.
He wasn't.

He said, "Fine, then we should go on a date."

I laughed.
I blushed.
I was appalled.
It worked.
I have a date.

Thank you Sister Dalton.


  1. YEAH CAMI!!! Good work! I am excited for you and would love to hear about your adventurous date...

  2. Ha! Yessss. I love this! Kudos to you. Brilliant