Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awkward Moments brought to you by Cami

I often think that if someone were to record my life they could make it into a highly successful TV show. I mean, let's be real people, my life is a joke.
Exhibit A
Last semester, you may remember that I had a little crush going on one of my FHE brothers. He isn't here this semester and has almost been forgotten, but wait, life has to throw me a curveball. Today as I braved the winds of Rexburg on my way to class I noticed a sleek black car parked outside one of the buildings I was passing. In my mind I said, "Dang, that right there is a nice car." Then, someone got out. He was wearing a baseball cap (typical) and my thoughts immediately went from car admiration to shock. Yes, I may have wet myself a little. It was him. Thank goodness I did my hair today! Unfortunately, I put some gloss on my lips before I headed outside. This equals that wonderful equation of gloss+wind+hair= glossy, windblown hair. Fantastic.
I brushed my face free of my mane as he approached. My thoughts turned into,"Holy smokes, he is still super good looking," and I put on my best face. He walked over and gave me a hug and as my mind tried to catch up to my surprise I started babbling about the wind and the weather and him and.... what? WHY WAS I TALKING? Stop it, Cami, stop it. I seriously lack control of my mouth sometimes. To make matters even worse, a girl came out of the building and came over and hugged him. What was I supposed to do? Oh, don't even worry about it, I got the cue to leave, but instead of being suave and, for lack of a better word, socially acceptable, I said, "Well, I have to get to class, but I love you and I'll see you later." I LOVE YOU? What was I thinking! Way to be smooth, Cami, you are an idiot. Who says "I love you" before walking off to a kid they haven't seen in months. 250 points awarded to Gryffindor for providing entertainment to the innocent bystanders. I have officially joined the ranks of really eloquent, classy people like Charlie Sheen. In other words, I am a major failure.


  1. have i mentioned that i adore you? and your awkward moments. :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. This is a gatrillion times better than ANY story you would come to my locker and tell me at the high school! I do miss those, but this? This is priceless. Made 12 times better by your awesome writing. So do the math: a gatrillion times 12 is how much I love this :)

  3. hahahahah! this is amazing! especially since i know the guy you are talking about!! oh geez! this seriously firstly- made my day and secondly- made me literally laugh out loud! for real! love you cami!!!!! :)

  4. basically you and i need to share our awkward moments with each other more often.