Friday, March 11, 2011

Just in case you were wondering...

I really love those days when you wake up early so you can get ready to impress a cute boy and then class gets cancelled.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are getting old. I'm sorry
but Knight and Day was a joke.
 PUT ON A SHIRT, Tommy, put on a freaking shirt.

Pakistan is stealing away my life

I smell like gummy bears and blush really easily

Old crushes die hard... really hard...
 as in maybe saying "I love you" wasn't the worst idea ever.

I saw grass today. I think spring is coming!

sometimes it rains and I wear my snuggie
to social with people. it's no biggie.

and with friends like these, who needs enemies?


  1. oh my brother is such a dork. but i still love him. and miss him!

  2. this picture is too perfect for words.
    and i miss these lovelies in my life.
    as well as you, cami doll.

  3. my face is like one hundred degrees all the time now! i'm not sure why!... okay that's a lie.