Thursday, April 21, 2011

2 weeks notice

what i would give to give it all up.

how i wish i wasn't forced to make up the difference.

what i would change so that i could stop the pressure.

why is every turn blocked by blaring consequences and questions of the unknown?

what trial would step in to fill the empty space?

how much can i take before i reach the breaking point?

where does this all stop?

when did shirking responsibility become the same as being professional?

who do i talk to when they are part of the problem?

where is the line between complaining and commenting?

why do i feel too big to escape?

how far do i have to push myself before i lose my integrity?

what kind of an organization is this?


  1. are you quitting??? Do we need to workout again soon...? :)

  2. maybe life, but not my job. haha this was in reference to more than work; more of a LIFE SUCKS in general kind of day
    love, Cami