Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Tuesday Teasers

It just so happens that today has been a little slower today at work (knock on wood) and I have had a few moments where my brain was able to come up with a few enigmas. I'm in charge of writing down the color of the new cars we get in, among other responsibilities and it hit me-
 Hey- Why are there two spellings for gray or grey or.... AH you see my problem?
Is one more politically correct?
As an American am I supposed to have a patriotic preference for one opposed to the other?

and while we are comparing things:

What makes one orange peel thicker than its neighbor's?
Does it have to do with the amount of sunlight, water, etc?
Is it simply the luck of the draw?

I really just don't even know anymore...


  1. So my english teacher was always telling us to spell it gray, unless your from england your suppose to spell it grey.... I don't really know if he's correct.

  2. Hey woman. i have bee working to update my bloggie
    go there. look at my conference artwork and tell me whatcha think.

    Remember how gum tastes like the color grey/gray when it's old? Is this relevant?

    Plus I miss you. I am leaving the comfort of, well, normal everyday living... in a HOUSE... to go camp in the wilderness and probably die. Wish me luck kido