Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 14- Thoughts from the week

I don't pretend to be philosophical, but the Spirit does amazing things.
  • If girl's would stop worrying so much about whether or not a guy liked them and would just love themselves unconditionally everything would work out. If they would cling to the knowledge that they are beloved daughters of God and that there is nothing in the world that matters more than that, every little petty worry and relatively insignificant concern would diminish. They would find love as they love themselves.

  • Dating is tricky. It is complex. Dating is fun, flirty, unnerving, awkward, delightful, disgusting. What dating really is, though, is overrated. In the end, it isn't going to matter who we went out with or how many boys we kissed. It just matters that we find that person that will love and cherish us into the eternities. Dating is but a small piece of the puzzle, yet it makes an everlasting difference.
  • These days we don't have the physical maladies that Christ healed during his ministry. We are being affected in our minds. Satan is capturing our minds. He would have us feel like we aren't good enough. He wants us believe we aren't talented enough or pretty enough or smart enough. We are. If he can get us to fall to depression and anxiety and feelings of anguish and inadequacy he can keep us from accomplishing the most important celestial goals of this life. He wants us to believe we arent' good enough mothers and friends and wives, girlfriends, or sisters. If he can make us succumb to that, maybe, just maybe he will keep us from entering the temple and being the mothers, wives, and sisters we were born to be. Our trials now affect our minds. Hospitals and medicine help heal physical afflictions, but only Christ can heal our mental, emotional, and spiritual infirmities. Know that you are not alone. You don't have to wallow in sorrow and immeasurable and unbelievable loneliness and strife. That's what the devil wants. Don't do it. Don't believe the old Liar. Christ understands. Christ knows, most importantly, Christ comforts and heals.


  1. Thanks Cami! I needed this today! You are amazing! <3

  2. Well said friend! I love it! :)