Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today I was reminded why I named this blog such an obscure and yet totally applicable name. I started a new job this week and it has been a little overwhelming to say the least. I love it, I really do, but there is so much to remember. Thursdays are the big days where everything has to be finished and printed off for the managers and as I strove to figure out what I was doing I has hit with that feeling of complete loss of control. I made a mistake when speaking to a customer and thanks to the fact that I'm overly reactive to stimulation, I started to blush profusely. On a scale of one to lobster I was over-ripe tomato. The worst part was that I knew I was blushing which made me even more embarrassed. One of the salesmen and my trainer were by me and I suddenly became extremely grateful that I did my hair down so that I was able to bury my face in shame. Can you say worst moment of the week? After taking care of business there I excused myself to the bathroom.
There is an unusual amount of peace that I find while locked away in a stall. Maybe it is the false sense of privacy or simply the fact that it gives the perfect excuse, but when I find myself in a place where I am dismayed, disgusted, or disconcerted I run to that sanctuary where I can shut out the world for half a second.


  1. I love you, my dear Cami Louise. And you are doing such a fabulous job at work. You'll get the hang of it :) And I am always there if you need me. Xoxo!

  2. i feel the exact same way about bathrooms.
    they save me.