Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Embrace it

Fact: people like wierd people

Fact: i'm wierd

Fact: sometimes I try to hide it

Fact: Once upon a time I went to a magical land called Rexburg and I decided that I needed to "tone myself down" a little. Now I'm not talking about hitting up the gym and getting a rockin' body, although I do, I mean that I felt the need to become... normal. I wanted to be that person that had something to say but not everything to say and I ended up having nothing to say and let's just say it wasn't fun. The truth of the matter is this- people that are quirky, strange, even odd are fun to be around. It's an adventure. You never know what to expect or what topic your conversation will land on. Quite frankly I've realized that if someone thinks that my obsession with Harry Potter and my random moments of meowing or my fascination with the word 'poo' is offensive or absurd, that really is not something I need to lose sleep over. I'm weird. I like wierd things. I do weird things. I say weird things. I have spunk and I have sass and I don't need to tone it down because that is who I am. Think of how boring life would be if we all sat around and talked about politics and global warming. Think of how dull the world would appear if we didn't have Lady Gaga and Pablo Picasso. Life is colorful and so is each and every person on this earth. Don't change to fit in. After all, who decided what normal is anyway? Be who you are and love it.

Fact: number one most important lesson learned from Freshman year? Embrace it.

Fact: I'm putting the soapbox away now.


  1. I think poop is funny.
    And you definitely tone it up at the gym ;)

    I happen to love your weirdness, never stop!!!! <3

  2. keep up the crazy.
    because i wouldn't love you without it.