Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chapter 2- Freckle Faced Red Headed Fool

Once upon a time a girl decided to go to Lake Powell with friends from school and a few of their significant others. Nights were late and mornings were demonically early.
On top of the lack of sleep, the sun was high and hot and the air conditioner
wasn't in working order. This was a recipe for disaster.
You see, this girl tends to
be blunt and lives life unfiltered.

The story goes like this:

Me: Did you know you look like a baby dinosaur?
Her: umm...
Him: Cami, you need to work on a little thing called tact.
Me: Oh don't worry. I like making
a public fool of myself.

Who needs it?
Apparently my strange tendencies aren't socially acceptable
and neither is telling people
they resemble animals.

oh well

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