Monday, November 28, 2011

Chapter 26- Thanks Living

What are Sundays for? Yesterday I found myself enraptured by a talk given in my home ward on gratitude. She said that rather than having thanksgiving in your heart we need always be ThanksLiving; living with the attitude of gratitude in everything we do. Studies have proven people that write down five things a week that they are thankful for are happier. They are healthier. They are more capable of doing things that they need to do. So it's done. The idea has been planted and I am now on a mission to write down five things, ridiculous or not, that I am thankful for every week. Next year when the Holiday of Feasting comes around I might smile a little bolder because I have such a beautifully blessed life.

  1. Great hair. I'm not going to fight with you about whether or not it's red, because it is. It's RED, thick, long (ish) and most importantly obedient. I'm convinced great hair is the secret to a happy life.

  2. A happy family. We're weird. We're loud and obnoxious and silly and irreverent, but we're family and nothing can bring us down.

  3. Parents that love each other and raised five incredible kids that are still active in the church and now are successful parents, students, husbands and wives.

  4. Pleasant Grove. It's small and sheltered. There's a reason it's the heart of Happy Valley, but I thank God everyday that I was raised in good ole' PG. I ran through the fields as a child and my friends now live in and I could run across the street without looking both ways, but the growth has brought new friends and new businesses that I couldn't live without.

  5. The Atonement. Most people think of the Atonement as providing a way to repent, but I view it as the only way to be truly comforted. Christ knows exactly what I'm dealing with. He loves me enough that he put himself through Satan and back just so he could know my literal pain. His arms of mercy are always open.

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