Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chapter 32- Details

This is for you Jo!

Sorry, I'm so vague. I get afraid of putting the whole story out for people to know. I just get nervous that someone will know who I'm talking about and tell the person, or maybe the person will get some kind of creeper disease that makes them want to read girl's blogs all day and he will find out that I'm writing about him. Either way, it makes me a panic case.

Here's the story in all it's glory (that rhymed):
Once upon a time I went out with my roommate and her boy, let's call them.... Meg and Ryan for the sake of the story, to see one of my other roommates in a dance concert. After it was over Meg was going to head back to Ryan's to play Uno with his roommate.... let's say his name is.... John, and John's date. I was not feeling it. Being a third wheel is one thing, but throw another couple in the mix and you end up just looking desperate for friends. I opted out, but John insisted I come. I'm a sucker for a good argument so I caved. When we got into the car his date suddenly came down with a case of the I-Hate-Everyone disease and needed to be taken home ASAP. That left the four of us.
Long story short, John played with my hair and we had a group spooning session. That's right, I spooned. First time ever. With a boy I hardly knew. I'm a skank. Okay, you have to understand the context, it wasn't at all in a lustful or sexy way, it was more as a joke. I mean it was basically a community cuddling party. Maybe I'm the worst, but you have to live a little!
The next day he got my number from Meg and we proceeded to text each other the entire Thanksgiving break. He is hilarious. His hair is FLAWLESS and we share similar obsessions with rubbing other people's ears and playing with hair. We're freaks basically. I was totally loving the attention, though, I must admit. I'm a girl and I love when a cute guy is into me but I had been warned that they don't more fickle than him. I was cautious and I wasn't going to fall for his charm. Let's be real; he's a player. Okay, maybe "player" isn't the right term, but he does know what he's looking for and if a girl doesn't fit the mold he drops her. Just like that. That is a lot of pressure.
This weekend he took me out to the Christmas Concert. The entire time I was beside myself wondering if he was going to put the moves on me. Even now, as a mostly grown woman, I don't know how to act around guys. I am a baby when it comes to affection with members of the male species. Well, the show was nearly over and HE PUT HIS HAND ON MY KNEE! I just about died. I might have wet my pants a little. I wish you could have been in my brain for this:
What am I supposed to do? Was he expecting me to grab his hand? Holy smokes was I supposed to hold his hand? Did he just put the ball in my court? Are you kidding me, I'm twelve years old; I don't even know how to go on dates anymore. I should have watched HITCH before I went out. My life is over. I am killing this date. I don't have any friends and no one likes me. I am never going to get asked out again. I'm the worst.
Sometimes I overreact.
Well, to get on with the story, I didn't hold his hand and after the song was over and we clapped he didn't put his hand back on my leg. Super.
The next day I invited him over for Christmas festivities and he said he would stop by later. Much to my surprise another friend of mine came instead and he told me that John had held hands with another girl at that party. Interesting. This guy is a quick one, jumping onto the next girl so soon. Isn't life funny? I can't get over how hilarious it is. I think I should be mad or feel bitter, but I don't. I just want to laugh. I'm impressed I must say that he could find someone so quickly. Bravo, Johnny boy, Bravo, this must be some kind of new record. Oh, life is funny.


  1. Ohh. I hate the ending. I'm sorry dear Cami!

  2. Thank you Joelle for making her tell the whole story!!! (not going to lie I don't read the vague stories, SORRY CAM!... I figure you'll tell me the full details in person if it is important enough, and the vagueness is just that: vague.) And sorry about John.
    Next time grab his hand: LIVE WITH NO REGRETS! But maybe not HIS hand, cuz we already knew he was a player-fat face-picky headed-weirdo who doesn't see an amazing girl for anything that she is worth if he is just holding hands with any floosy at a party. (ok.. I'm done on my soap box.) LOVE YOU!