Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chapter 38- Peace, Love, and Trees

Outside; that’s where I want to be. I just want to go camping and hiking and biking and horseback riding. I want to wear ugly old boots and a sweat stained baseball cap with a pair of khaki shorts and an ill-fitting T shirt. I want to be a part of nature. I don’t want to have to shower or wear makeup, but instead I want to sleep under the stars and wander in the wild, using a waterfall to wash my hair and wildflowers to make a crown. My blanket will be the stars and my bed a field of bluebells. I want to really feel the sun and taste the breeze. In the morning, I want the sound of the birds to awaken me and at night I want to be serenaded by an orchestra of crickets and coyotes. I dream of living off of granola bars, dried apples and jerky as I traipse through valleys and rediscover forgotten mountain trails. I just want to experience the beauty that surrounds me. Each day would be an adventure waiting to happen. There would be no rules; no boundaries, just open air and freedom. I would witness life. The simple things in life would become the important things, just like it they are supposed to be. I want to smell like a campfire and pine needles.

I want to be an outsider.

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