Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chapter 40- You're a three decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce

all the
spirit from
my childhood;
that comforting
feeling of magic in
the air. You felt it in
your bones. There was
the giddy excitement from
not knowing what you might
get. Everyone glowed, because
back then everyone remembered
the real reason behind the holidays.
Now, I don't understand Christmas. It
isn't the same Christmas as when I was
little and there was something truly sacred
about this season. Now, frustration fills the air
as people bustle about looking for the perfect gift
that they know they don't have the money for, and
then they settle for something that's not needed. Now
Christmas morning comes, the presents are opened and
then what? There are no surprises.. You plaster on a smile
so your family will think you really do "love it!" but then the
rest of the day is spent making piles of what needs to be taken
back and then finding the correct receipts. Now, Christmas lasts
an hour, maybe two, and then the rest of the day is just ordinary.
Christmas shouldn't be ordinary. Christmas should be extraordinary.
Christmas shouldn't be about generic electronics and another ill fitting
sweater. Christmas should be about playing another round of Phase Ten
and passing around the half-eaten box of chocolates. Christmas should be
white. Christmas is supposed be enchanted. It should be special, but it isn't.
Now, Christmas is a disappointment. My heart breaks because something has
changed. I suppose I might be the one who's changed. Perhaps I expect too much.
Perhaps, I have gotten lost along the way to adulthood. I just know that Christmas
isn't about presents. It isn't about how much money is spent or remembering to pick
up the honey baked ham. Christmas is about spending time as a family. After all, they
are the whole reason we're here. Families are why He was born; the reason he lived and
died. Without Him we are fallen, and without families we are lost. So, maybe my soul is an
appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of deplorable rubbish
mangled up
in tangled up
knots, but...


  1. i love this! where did you get it? i've been struggling to feel the excitement of christmas this year but i really like the sentiments of this! merry christmas cami!

  2. Beka! I actually just made this! Merry Christmas to you too.