Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chapter 53- RUMOR HAS IT

Okay kids, I have so much to catch you up on. First, I apologize for how vague my last post was, but I was in true misery at the moment and didn't have the motivation to write more than ten words. Second, I should have been keeping updated more on the goings on of my little life, but I've been a bit distracted. You see, there's this boy. Well, I guess we could call him a MAN! Oh my gosh, I'm a nerd. Anyway, I met him briefly a few weeks ago and thought to myself, "Mmm, who is this stallion?" but thought nothing more about it because usually when a guy is covered head to toe in Abercrombie and Fitch he doesn't think twice about the girl in the purple pants. So, life went on. Then, we met again at the library with my roommate and a little birdie told me he wanted my number. I was freaked. Guys that look like that don't go for girls that act like me. I'll be frank. He looks like a tool- perfectly coiffed hair (he got a compliment from another guy about being so well groomed), designer clothes, shoes that aren't from America... and here I am with my hair in a crazy bun on the top of my head wearing nothing but mascara and chapstick and dressed in an outfit that would have been appropriate for the 80s. I'm loud. I'm super obnoxious. I wear whatever happens to jump out at me that day and I just don't care what anyone thinks. I'm not arrogant, I'm ignorant. I don't worry about what people think about me. I'm just who I am because everyone else is taken and heck, if I don't like who I am then no one else is going to.
INTERJECTION- I think I have a mosquito bite on my arm. What? It's most definitely way too cold outside for this kind of junk.
So, long story short he got my number, we have seen each other every day for the past two weeks and I may or may not be dating him. Okay, I am. Oh, you guys this is all too crazy. I've only ever dated one other person in my life and we only spent like ten days together. This is 100 percent different and 14 times better. We're actually compatible. This guy has a way to get me to open up. I've said before that I have a really difficult time trusting people; being able to let them in, but I'm learning to do it. He mellows me out without making me boring and he says the nicest things to me (when he isn't making a dumb joke about something less than classy). Plus, he's smart. Nothing turns me off more than a guy that doesn't understand wit. I like this boy.
A'right now- I need to go call my mom because she'll be pretty ticked if she reads this before I inform her of the news. I'm SUCH a girl.


  1. i love this. love love love this. and the fact that you didn't text me back ya jerk.

  2. i like this a lot! that is so happy for you :) it also gives me faith that there is an insanely awesome and attractive man out there who will complement me and my craziness