Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chapter 54- Valentimes


Don't you just hate it when people over the age of 7 say "ValenTIMEs" rather than "Valentine's?" It's like, "Listen, that was super cute when you also couldn't pronounce your Rs and Ls, but it is time to move on."
So, to all of you that don't realize that it's actually an N in the middle of that word, good news- you can now talk like an intelligent person.

Now, on to what's really on my mind. Today is Valentine's Day. This is the day that little girls dream of; the day of scribbled love notes and pink cut-out hearts. My whole life it was just another excuse to dress up. I would decorate myself in pink or red and wear little heart earrings. In Elementary school, I would stay up late the night before making a Valentine's day box covered in doilies and fake roses. I loved it. Valentine's day was fun, it was silly and exciting, but I never had anyone special. I never received any special Valentines or a singing Valagram from anyone but my sister. I only got flowers or stuffed animals from my dad. This year is different. I have a Valentine. I have someone special, but I just don't know what to do with myself. I don't know if I'm supposed to do anything. It's the middle of the week, we both have homework and he got signed up to clean a building on campus. This is quite the tricky situation I've found myself in. Okay, I'm being dramatic. I just feel so inexperienced right now! Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

(Oh, and happy 150th post)


  1. WHAT?! You have a valentine and I didn't even know it?! How exciting! Making him dinner and just a little note is nice. Or just skip out on the dinner and go get ice cream if you have no time for dinner. Ooh I love love stories! :)

  2. Teen Girl Squad understands the valentimes thing...


    That's so fun about your Valentine!! Have a fun day together :)