Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 63- Clips of Conversation

"Just stare into his dreamy eyes and ask yourself, 'Could I do this for the rest of eternity?' and if the answer's yes- which I'd say yes- just look into that blue dreamy abyss... Oh boy... then kiss him right then and there!! And he'll say Marry me!"

"Forget the education; become a babysitter instead."

"Can we make nasty green smoothies this spring?"

"Just walk up and yell at him! Then I'll step in and say you have Tourettes and then he will bad and won't be able to say no to going out with you."

"Do you believe in polyandry?"

"What about the basketballs attached to his chest?"
                              "I feel like they would mold perfectly around my head when I'm hugging him..."

"Today is a lipstick kind of day."


  1. hahaha wish i could have been apart of these convos. especially the baskeball chest.. ahahahah

  2. i feel so proud to have said something worthy of this blog.