Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Swimming, Sweats, Scary Movies, Saturday

This Saturday I was lucky enough to have my family in town. It really turned out to be a miracle considering my cousin decided to get married the same weekend that my sister Kate and her fam would be in the area and that it was my nephew's seventh birthday! I'm basically in love with my little men! If I had pictures of our swimming adventures you had better believe they would be posted, but it wasn't my camera and I really don't care enough to put worth effort to get them from my sister. We had a blast though! I had an evaluation to write, a test to study for, and a chapter to read, but I definitely was not going to pass up fun for homework. This semester has been a real trial for me in the homework department. Even as I type this I have a test that I need to study for. On my behalf, though, I'm anxiously awaiting a text to find where my group is meeting to study.
After bidding farewell to my wonderful familia, Mariah and I decided we probably needed to be social and so we threw together a "Sweats and Scary Movie" party. Two people showed up. We call that an epic fail! Nevertheless, we had a pretty sweet time together getting sick off of popcorn, muddy buddies, and rice krispy treats. I think I could do Saturdays like that more often.

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