Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Worst Kind of Luck

***DISCLAIMER- I am still getting married! I just read through this and it sounds like my world is over. That's called being a drama queen, something I have a talent for. Some details aren't working out how I want them to and it makes me want to punch a wall. Someday I'll grow up and stop being so pathetic, but lucky for all of you that is not this day!

Have you ever had a vision in your mind of exactly how you want something? For me it's usually something I've seen on Pinterest or a movie. I get so excited and I tell everyone about it and obsess about that thing but I NEVER EVER am willing to actually buy the dress or the shoes or the whatever. That's called being cheap. Luckily for me I have crafty people in my life *pun intended* that pull together their resources to help make it work out for me... and then sometimes it just doesn't. That's when I want to pull out all my hair.

It's never so much that I'm angry that things didn't work out how I wanted them to. Usually, I'm upset because I know how much time and effort and money, etc. has gone into that thing and now it's been a waste. Turns out it's especially frustrating when it has to do with your wedding... and your wedding is in thirteen days. NBD.

Kill yourself universe, you really got me this time.


  1. Can I make you a promise? If, when it comes down to it, you put your main focus on the temple and the sealing ceremony, all of a sudden everything else will seem like not such a big deal anymore. :) And you'll be a lot happier with the result. I understand the frustration though, and I'm sorry that things aren't turning out the way you wanted it to.

  2. ^so true. when we were planning all the little details for our wedding, one of my dear friends would call me every time i got upset or frustrated to remind me that getting married to the person i love was the important part, and all the rest was just fluff. those phone calls and that simple reminder helped me so much.