Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gum Chewers Anonymous

"Maybe I just need some rehab or maybe just need a drink..."
or in my case
"Maybe just need some gum.."
I have a major addiction to that sugary rush and refreshingly minty taste most would call chewing gum. Craving Orbit's Peppermint gum first thing when I wake up is a little wierd. I seriously am thinking of joining a group of other gum chewers to overcome this problem. IT IS SO GOOODDDDDD. I can't even handle it. I could go through a pack a week and I do halfsies.

someone help me.


This week has been a little like this:

Thankfully, I am going home this weekend and I can't even wait.
Three cheers for comfy beds and DVR.

See you on the other side.


  1. hey I'm going to your house this weekend too! can't wait to see ya there! :)

  2. sometimes i wonder if all the gum i have ever chewed was stuck into a big ball...
    how big would it be?
    i'm leaning more towards big enough to roll over an entire community and swallow every living and non-living thing in it's way.
    but that's just a guess.